Disability recruitment

Swinburne is proud to have the first of it's kind AccessAbility Careers Hub for students living with Disability in Australia. Our partnerships, networks and experience can connect you with our student talent and support you in becoming a Disability Confident Recruiter.

Attract more candidates living with disability by expanding your strategy to:

Make it safer for people to share their information with you
Normalise inclusive practise
Show that inclusive practice aligns with organisational strategies and values by explaining how you use disability information to:
  • enable smooth onboarding processes for appointed candidates. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Network on Disability has developed information on supporting employees with disability through new ways of working.
  • ensure the kind of equitable management that accommodates individual work styles for people with and without disability, resulting in maternity and parental leave, ergonomic assessments, working from home and other flexible arrangements, and use of adaptive technology.
Access government funding, resources and support
Make a job available only to people living with disability
Disability awareness and acceptance resources

Contact us to get invovled with the AccessAbility Careers Hub and discuss your recruitment needs on access-careers@swinburne.edu.au.