Disability recruitment

Swinburne is proud to have the first of it's kind AccessAbility Careers Hub for students living with Disability in Australia. Our partnerships, networks and experience can connect you with our student talent and support you in becoming a Disability Confident Recruiter.

Attract more candidates living with disability by expanding your strategy to:

Make it safer for people to share their information with you
Explain why you’re asking candidates to share disability information i.e. to help you create conditions that allow them to demonstrate their ability. Modifications our industry partners have had success with include giving candidates:
  • more time
  • information in accessible formats
  • phone interview options
  • interview questions in advance
  • an environment catering to light, noise and colour sensitivity
  • permission to use adaptive technology, assistance dogs, own laptop to complete exercises, or a support person in video interviews.
Normalise inclusive practise
Access government funding, resources and support
Make a job available only to people living with disability
Disability awareness and acceptance resources

Contact us to get invovled with the AccessAbility Careers Hub and discuss your recruitment needs on access-careers@swinburne.edu.au.