Guidelines for advertising

Follow these guidelines to attract your ideal candidates and to help our team process your opportunity quickly.

Position title

Be concise and attract the attention of candidates. Use simple key terms that student job seekers will recognise. Avoid using all capitals and anything that is not the position title, job location or organisation name.

Pay rates

You will need to provide pay rates or an applicable modern award for your advertisements to be approved. If you specifify 'Market rate' or 'Competitive', please email with the pay rate or modern award for us to confidentially record against your account. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full requirements on pay rates. To obtain correct pay rates:

Businesses advertising work in Australia, we find the quickest results if you contact Fair Work Australia early in the morning and have on hand:

  • ABN, Trading name details and main industry of operations for your organisation
  • a copy of the position description, typical duties and number of days per week minimum qualification requirements.

We will accept the official title/reference code for the applicable modern award, registered agreement or registered enterprise agreement.

Businesses advertising work outside Australia, check with, and seek advice from the Country’s relevant employment authority.

For individuals offering home-based positions, your positions will need to equal or exceed the current National Minimum Wage part-time/full-time Adult hourly rate.

For individuals offering student tutoring positions, your positions will need to equal or exceed the current National Minimum Wage part-time/full-time Adult hourly rate however, we suggest considering the pay rates under Tips when advertising for student tutors below.

Job summary

Briefly summarise your opportunity in less than 300 characters. This information (with the position title) will entice students to click on your advertisement to find out more.

Job description

Provide detailed information on:

  • the organisation and workplace environment
  • the role’s responsibilities
  • what makes your opportunity unique
  • qualifications, skills and experience you are looking for in candidates
  • if there are preferred days or hours and the frequency of work.

Dot-point lists and concise paragraphs present best on-screen. You also have the option to attach a full position description if needed. Try to avoid duplicating information already provided in the existing fields.

How to apply

Be specific on how you would like candidates to apply and the information they need to prepare before submitting an application. This might include:

  • providing a contact name, phone and email address or a direct link to an online application process
  • documents you require such as resume, cover letter or address to key selection criteria
  • requests for copies of official documents such as qualifications, transcripts/results or certifications

Tips when recruiting

Screening applicants and reference checking is your responsibility. Business Victoria has several useful resources on good recruitment practices:

Keep in mind, this may be the first job a student has applied for.

Tips when advertising for student tutors

In your advertisement, provide the year level you need tutoring in, the number of sessions per week, the length of each session in hours and if you have preferred days of the week.

If your child is under 18 you can request a Working with Children Check in your advertisement.

Suggested hourly pay rates for student tutors

Undergraduate student tutor:

  • Prep to year 10 - $25
  • Years 11 and 12 - $27
  • Tertiary - $30

Postgraduate student tutor:

  • Prep to year 10 - $30
  • Years 11 and 12 - $32
  • Tertiary - $35

Suggested pay rates are in Australian dollars and were reviewed in July 2018.